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Spill Kits & Accessories

Spill Kits are used to control, contain and cleanup spills.

  • Spill kits components are replaceable individually
  • Wheelie Bin colours can be altered to suit your site
  • Spill Kits can be altered to suit individual requirements

Spill Kits contain a range of absorbents and accessories that allow operators to quickly contain and clean up spills.
Spill Kits are available in a huge range of sizes and types. Ensure a ‘fit for purpose’ spill kit is on hand to help company’s
minimise risk and meet their environmental obligations.

The range of Global Spill Kits is able to deal effectively and rapidly with a spill, no matter what the type of spill and surface. 
Spill Kits are supplied in a range of standard containers from wheelie bins to carry bags and include a variety of absorbents designed, manufactured and colour coded for a specific task. A typical Spill Kit contains:

Booms – to contain and divert the spill 

Pillows – to contain & absorb the spill

Pads – to absorb & clean up the spill

Particulate – to contain & absorb the spill

Gloves – for safe handling and clean up

Disposal Bags – for safe disposal of used absorbents

Select from a range of spill kit accessories, clean up and disposal items to either supplement an existing spill kit or as stand alone items.