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Tidal Boom

The tidal boom has been developed to protect coast lines and rivers with high tidal movements.
The boom has an air buoyancy chamber and two water ballast chambers. The boom sits upright on the exposed ground as the tide goes out. The water chambers form a barrier that prevents oil, carried in by the tide, from passing
under the boom and up onto the beach. The boom lifts off the ground when
the water depth reaches 300mm. Oil is contained at all times because at a
water depth of less than 300mm the boom is sitting on the ground.
The boom is inflated with a back pack air blower. A small petrol driven pump
fills the water ballast chambers with water drawn from the deployment

Tidal Boom 500 TIDAL500

Tidal Boom 500 * Tidal Boom is ideal for protecting coastlines and rivers with high tidal movements
* Ideal for sealing an initial section of beach or river with tidal movement

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