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Mobile 1100 Oil & Fuel Spill Kit

Product Code: SKH1100

Catalogue Pages
Type Document

MSDS 201208 Envirosorb Polypropylene.pdf


MSDS 201212 Floorsorb.pdf


Sibelco Bentonite -Drum Seal.pdf

Reorder Forms

reorder form skh1100.pdf

Spill Kit type:  Oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, solvents & other petroleum products.

Application: Sealed or unsealed surfaces, ideal for factories, warehouses, fuel depots or those who need plenty of absorbency. 

Absorbent capacity: 1270 litres

  • This spill kit contains all the tools and absorbents you need to control, contain and cleanup a 1000 litre plus spill of oil. 
  • Contains a variety of EnvirosorbTM premium polypropylene oil & fuel only absorbents.
  • EnvirosorbTM is able to recover up to 20 times its own weight in oil and is highly water repellent (hydrophobic). Clean non-allergenic, non-hazardous absorbents, with little or no dust.
  • Global Peat is highly oil absorbent (approximately 5 times its own weight in oil), light weight and easy to use. 
  • Floorsorb is a clean and low dust floor sweep.
  •  A Global Audit Tag is included and when fitted, will readily identify when the kit has been accessed or used.
  • Spill Kit includes label, laminated re-order form & operating instructions contained in a specially designed document holder fitted to the back inside wall of the wheelie bin.
  • UV stabilised and colour coded labels are fitted to the front and sides of the wheelie bin. The front label identifies the type of kit and product absorbed, whilst the two side labels provide clear and concise Emergency response instructions.
  • Spill Kit can be customised by adding/removing/swapping components.  
  • Spill Kit is supplied in a mobile wheeled commercial bin.
  • Bins are HDPE and UV stabilised, they will not rust or dent and resits dust and water ingress.

Shipping weight: 155 kg approx.

Shipping dimensions: 136cm(H) x 124cm(W) x 104cm(D)

Manufactured in Australia

 Qty  Description  Size  Code
 EnvirosorbTM poly boom
 2.4m x 100mm
 8  EnvirosorbTM marine boom  3m x 125mm  SBM-SH3125
 EnvirosorbTM pillows
 58cm x 37cm
 EnvirosorbTM pads
 45cm x 45cm
 Global Peat, bag
 28 litre
 2  Floorsorb, bag  30 litre  FS7
 2  EnvirosorbTM roll std  40m x .9m  MBBR40.9
 PVC gloves, pair
 Disposal Bag, labelled 
 100 micron polyethylene
 20  Cable ties  .  CT
 Barrier Tape
 50 metres
 1  Drum Seal  500 gram  DST500
 1   Broom  Extension Handled  HBBEH
 1  Poly Safety Shovel  247cm x 978cm  HCSFSO4
 2  Safety Goggles  clear  SG
 1  Squeegee  wooden & rubber  squeegee
 1  Knife  .  knife
 2  Poly Rope  20 metres  rope
 Large Bin 1100 litre
 136cm x 124cm x 104cm
 Spill Kit labels & audit tag 
 Self adhesive PVC
 Operating Instructions
 A4, laminated 
 All components are replaceable individually or as a 'Refill Kit':
 Refill Kit




















  • Absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature.
  • For Hazchem spills, please request this kit converted to a hazchem version.
  • To choose the best Spill Kit, download our how_to_choose_a_spill_kit guide or attend our oil_spill_response_training_course.