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Scald Protection Valve

Product Code: HAT/SP-105

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Application: Solar heating of safety shower and eyewash station pipe systems can result in safety hazards for users. The HAT/SP Scald Protection Valve is designed to be installed in the pipe system to protect personnel at point of use.

  • When the fluid temperature rises above safe limits and a danger of scalding occurs, the thermal actuator in the fluid stream modulates the valve open. The water flows past a sensor, and if the temperature is above the acceptable range, the valve continues to modulate open. The valve begins to open to establish flow when the water temperature reaches 35 deg C and is fully open at 40.6 deg C. When the makeup water temperature returns to the safe range, the valve modulates shut.
  • Valve is sensitive to temperature only and unaffected by pressure changes.
  • Valve has a stainless steel body, fittings, spring and plug and 1/2" FNPT connections.
  • Valve can be used on most plumbed safety showers and eyewash stations.

 Dimensions: 114mm long x 32mm diam   

Shipping dimensions: 150mm x 50mm diam

Weight: 0.41 kg


Description  Dimensions  Pack Size  Code
 Scald Protection Valve  114mm x 32mm diam






 For instructions on how to install a HAT Scald Protection Valve, download our  worksheet. Scald_Protection_Valve.pdf